• Special color seed bead

    Pearlescent fantasy matte texture The king of hard work in the beading world, such a high-level texture is really great This special color has actually been out for a while, but it is rare on the market, and there is no bad street. Brand: still the well-known brand MIYUKI from Japan Beige color:...
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  • Super useful beaded thread

    Soft and lint-free, beading is as smooth as wax In response to the needs of all beading partners, I took a look at the beading lines in my list, hoping to help you choose beading lines. 1. America FireWire This Fireline line is produced in the United States. It is an imported high-end jewelry an...
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  • Oil painting color is popular this year, imported rice beads in Picasso color are super nice

    Oil painting color is popular this year, imported rice beads in Picasso color are super nice If you want to make your work more advanced, you might as well try the oil painting color system. Today belongs to the elegant and retro ladies, antique oil painting color rice beads. The oil painting col...
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  • New color matching series – sew on rhinestone Amway

    New color matching series – sew on rhinestone Amway

    I recommend the brand new series of colored diamonds that are freshly released today, whether it is Mocha diamonds, tourmaline diamonds, colored gemstones or lunar eclipse diamonds, I have prepared all the color series as if I have collected a complete set of color cards. Brand new colored diamon...
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  • Today is also a happy “bead” girl

    Today is also a happy “bead” girl

    Today, I will give you Amway’s treasures that I have treasured for many years, and it is another day to open the dust-covered treasures. These tube beads are my personal favorite, and they are also very easy to match and design in daily life. This article mainly shares imported beads such a...
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  • Elegant bohemian style

    Elegant bohemian style

    The bohemian style is a style that retains a certain nomadic style. The decoration of this style has very bright hand-made decorations, and all use rough and heavy materials, such as lace, batik printing, leather tassels, and hand-made string knots. , embroidery and beading, these are the classic...
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  • 2022 spring and summer women’s fashion accessories interpretation

    In 2022, after experiencing the sluggish spring and summer of 2020, the jewelry industry will rebound in many regions. Necklaces and earrings are still strong categories. The proportion of necklaces and bracelets in new products has increased, which also reflects the popularity of jewelry. Trends...
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  • The art of beading

    Today I would like to introduce an artist that I particularly like: the beaded art work of old lady Lucia Antonelli. She not only does beading, but strictly speaking, she is an artist and a university teacher. She usually paints oil paintings, and her works are relatively abstract. The landscape ...
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  • Natural stone beads

    How to identify natural stone beads? One view: that is, to observe the surface structure of natural stone with the naked eye. Generally speaking, natural stone with uniform fine-grain structure has a delicate texture and is the best natural stone; stone with coarse-grained and unequal-grained str...
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  • Introduction of crystal beads for jewelry making

    How can you tell if crystal beads are real? 1. To feel the temperature, you can try to hold the crystal in your hand. After about 2~3 minutes, you can feel whether the crystal is warm or cool. If it is cold, it is likely to be true, and the rapidly changing temperature is likely to be jewelry suc...
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  • Introduction of rhinestones

    1.Is rhinestone a gemstone? Rhinestone is crystal Rhinestone is a common name. It is mainly a crystal glass. It is a kind of accessories obtained by cutting artificial crystal glass into diamond facets. Because the current global artificial crystal glass manufacturing place is located on the nort...
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  • Hotfix rhinestone for clothing

    Hot diamond technology refers to the processing technology of setting diamonds on leather, cloth and other materials. The hot drill is often used on fabrics, that is, clothing or fabric accessories. The working principle is that the hot drill encounters high temperature (because most of the drill...
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